Utility Locating

Our main focus is to ensure clear and complete mark-out services for the excavator or property owner along with protecting our clients’ underground infrastructure. The most critical part of damage prevention is to make sure that we protect our customers’ infrastructure and those that live and work around it. 

Our business is providing an efficient, Safe, and highly trained workforce to locate underground utility Infrastructure for our customers. Locate  Gas, Telecommunications, Electric, Sewer services by Video Camaca and check any Depth up to 1'FT to 9'Ft , Water Leaks , Wastewater pipes, Fiber optic , CCTV Pipeline Inspection and anything else underground that supports the Infrastructure within North America.

Commercial & Residential 

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Designating for engineers, architects, site developers, surveyors, land planners etc.

Utility designating and locating is a cost-efficient way to map underground utilities during the design phase of a project, avoiding costly redesigns and delays during construction. Commonly referred to as Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE). 

We are highly trained in utility locating and take serious action because we believe this can help the client prevent utility conflicts which can result in:

- Project delays

- Cost overruns

- Damages to infrastructure.